XBOX Live Original Ends

It had to come sometime but now its official, Microsoft are discontinuing support for the Original Xbox and its games from April 15th 2010. This includes all Xbox  games that are playable on the Xbox 360.

It was officially announced on Major Nelsons blog that by taking this decision it will allow Microsoft more flexibility in what they can offer with Xbox Live!  My first thoughts are that we could see the end of the 100 friend limit as it is a restriction that has came from the limitations of the original Xbox service.

The major title affected by this decision has to be Halo 2 as its still a popular game.

Why not leave your comments below on how this change could affect Xbox Live and what new features do you now expect to see once this change happens?

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  • I’m actually pumped for this, I don’t know if people know it yet but this is extremely EXCITING news! Finally we will be able to move always from all the limitations of the original xbox when it comes to xbox live and now they might be able to really improve the live experience.

  • Kaptngraves

    Yep thats what I was just thinking steve. We’ll See this year how flexible they can be due to this.

  • Two IMMEDIATE ways that LIVE can be improved:
    1. Uncapped friends lists with the ability to construct a lists within your friends list (IE: Facebook)
    2. Get RID of MS Points. No one likes when they have a measly 20-30 points left after a purchase. Let us use our MONEY to buy the content instead of purchasing a virtual currency to purchase content. I understand that Aaron Greenberg has addressed this, by the way.


    better play some Halo 2 before april for old time sakes.

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