AMC Orders Pilot Of The Walking Dead

Picture your favorite zombie movie. Remember the great climatic ending when the heroes escape the endless horde and live on to see another day. Think of the credits rolling and you leaving the theater (because who watches the credits?). Now imagine, after the credits finish rolling, the story continues and you see the surviving heroes trying to live in this zombie apocalypse. You see the months turn into years as they try to survive in this new and terrifying world. That is the premise behind The Walking Dead, a comic book series created by Robert Kirkman. The Walking Dead follows Rick Grimes, a police officer that awoke from a coma to find the world filled with the undead, and his group of survivors trying to stay alive in a world that seems like it has no hope of returning to normal. Nothing is the same in a world where zombies could be anywhere and everywhere. The survivors quickly learn that zombies are just part of their new daily struggle and that regular old humans can be just as, if not more, dangerous.

The Walking Dead is one of my favorite pieces of zombie media and one of my favorite comic book series, which is why news that AMC is ordering a pilot of the show is so exciting. AMC ordered the pilot on Jan. 20th and production will begin later this year. Hopefully it will live up to the high standards the comic book has set. A TV series is the perfect media for The Walking Dead to be adapted for because of its longer stories lines and complex relationships. The director, Frank Darabont, has said that the show will carry the exact same tone as the comic book but will look at the universe of The Walking Dead in a completely different light. Hopefully he knows what he is doing. AMC has proven it can make absolutely incredible shows, Mad Men and Breaking Bad being two of the best things on TV, and that they are willing to take risks. I suggest anyone who is a fan of zombies, comic books, or awesomeness check out this amazing comic book series and hope that AMC puts this show on the air.

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