God Of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition Box Revealed

You might have remembered when Platform Nation posted some news that Sony was releasing God of War III: The Ultimate Trilogy Edition. Well now Sony have released a picture of what the actual box it comes in looks like.

The box looks sweet and the contents even sweeter. In the box you get God of War 1, 2 & 3 and for a list of all the other contents head here. Now only if I had a PS3 I would be tempted to buy this solely because I was a huge God of War fan back in 2005 and then for in 2007 for God of War II. Will you be buying God of  War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition or just the normal, leave a comment below.


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  • Axl Rose

    God of War fucking sucks. Halo is better.

    • You have got to realize that God of War and Halo are two different genres, one being a Hack and Slash and the other a First Person Shooter. Both are great games for the genre they are in.

      • Axl Rose

        Shut your fucking face. Halo is better than God of War. You shouldn’t have posted that article bashing Halo and Bungie the other night you dick lick.

        • Theres no need to be aggressive and in what article did I “bash” halo?

        • Shrivatsa Somany

          Whoa what the hell?

          Freaking Xbots really are quite something.

    • dlkows

      excuse me axl rose but you are a fucking horrible games judge and you should burn in hell cunt!!!

    • you got a let of nerve to say halo is better than god of war god of war will crash halo like a little baby you bich god of war is better you fucking bitch you are a pussy and you have no life and dont even dserved to have a consel so set up

  • Axl Rose

    You know what I mean.

    Platform Nation sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Theres no need to be saying stuff like that

      • Axl Rose

        when a site sucks as bad as this site and bashes stuff like Chinese Democracy and Bungie like you dicks do, then you fucks deserve to be shut down.

        • Please if you don’t like Platform Nations articles don’t be aggressive towards the Authors, instead just leave.

          • Axl Rose

            you shouldnt post shit articles.

          • Shrivatsa Somany

            Axl Pussy:

            shut the hell up. the article is absolutely fine, and so is the site. Clearly ur just a jealous piece of shit fanboy who has absolutely no respect for peoples work.

            @Andrew: Nice article, im STOKED for this.

            @ Axl Pussy again:

            UR A RETARD

  • geodgreat1

    GoW is great and so is Halo but at the end GoW will have the best trilogy.

  • AxlRose

    glad we could agree

    • Im not agreeing with you Axel! I was agreeing with geodgreat1

      • AxlRose

        You will be hearing from my lawyer for misspelling my name.

        • Shrivatsa Somany

          U;ll be hearing from mine for being a royal dickface

    • kratos2720

      should i laugh at u or wat…ur sayin halo s better than gow!!! let me ask u have u ever played halo or gow ???? i dont think so…so stop judging games that u ve never seen!!! ur a fuckin pussy who doesnt deserve to own a console let alone play halo and gow

  • rogey

    axel rose is a no life pussy

  • DanGZZZ

    Pre-ordered this as lsoon as it was available. Box art looks very cool!

    • I would have pre-ordered this but I don’t have a PS3

      • Shrivatsa Somany

        BUY ONE!!

        no better time than now!

        • Sadly haven’t got the money for PS3

          • Shrivatsa

            Ahhh damn!

            well i hope you will get one soon 🙂 good luck working towards it

  • Yodathe3rd

    GOW will be intense this is one of the best games to hit the ps3 and it will be I’m the running for game of the year. This game is better then halo in my opinion even though they are two different types of games. GOW has a much deeper storyline and halo could only wish to look as good

  • I must agree that GOW is going to be a phenomenal game. I would’ve gotten the ultimate trilogy edition if I hadn’t bought the GOW collection already so I’ll be getting ultimate edition hopefully when it comes out.