InFamous Sequel To Have Multiplayer?


If job postings are anything to go by, there is a good chance that the next game by Sucker Punch will feature some type of multiplayer component. CinemaBlend found this about a job listing for Sucker Punch Productions:

Their listing for a Network Programmer notes that they’re looking for “professional candidates to implement the on-line component for our forthcoming AAA title.” There’s no explicit mention of multiplayer or co-op or anything juicy like that, though.

InFamous was released last May with only a single player component, but I can definitely see where they could add multiplayer to this game.  The listing doesn’t speak of anything specific, but I could see where they could add in multiplayer perfectly in this franchise.  Maybe go the route of Uncharted and have versus modes where you could have the conduits against Cole, Zeke, and a couple new characters… Lighting vs Guns?  Count me in.

They could also add co-op missions where you and a couple friends could work on completing story missions or side missions together.  Not sure how this would work unless they cloned Cole, seeing how doing missions in inFamous without super powers would be pretty lame, but anythings possible.

There is also the possibility that this job listing could be for the next installment of the Sly Cooper series, however with now deleted tweet by actor David Sullivan back in October announcing his audition for the re-casting of Cole, I’m sure we can expect an announcement of inFamous 2 at E3 this year.

Information via CinemaBlend

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