Leaked Fallout: New Vegas Info

With the Fallout: New Vegas teaser trailer being released a lot of Fallout fans have been on the hunt for any information they can get, which unfortunately isn’t much… until now, apparently PC Gamer has sent out the latest issue of their magazine to subscribers a little early, and as you may or may not have expected the issue included a preview of New Vegas, which includes the following information:

There will be a new hardcore mode where it is needed to drink water, the healing is no longer instant and ammo has a weight to it.

The storyline is focused on the New California Republic vs. slavers vs. New Vegas residents.

In this addition your not a vault dweller but ascertain a pip boy via a vault dweller

There are clever and dumb super mutants.

New weapons included that look like an M4 and a grenade machine gun.

The Vault-Tech Assisted Targeting System is still in the game as well.

Via: Xboxer 360

I’m not usually a big fan of RPGs but I have recently started playing Fallout 3, and whilst I may not be the best at it, I’m enjoying it very much so far so I will be keeping an eye on New Vegas and I’ll be interested to see what other new features will be coming to the next instalment in the Fallout series when it is released this Fall.

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  • Beth

    I love Fallout its one of my fave games, I heard about this Vegas thing a few days ago. Sounds interesting, will have to see. Im not sure what its exactly about yet.

  • Ben

    I like FallOut 3, but the NPC should be a little smarter and know more about whats going on in the wasteland, like if I kill off the slavers,then all NPC (or most) should be updated with information and next time i visit them the have something added to their character sayings list. Just a thought. I get tired of getting the same answer from people. Let get some good AI going people.