P*N’s Reaching Out To The Community

This isn’t your usual gaming news or articles you are used to from P*N, but this is something interesting and shows just how Platform Nation branches out not to just our gaming community, but to the communities we live in.   P*N has recently sponsored a robot, yes I said robot but this isn’t your usual robot.  This robot is made by High School student and is made to compete in a competition with a certain tasks set forth.  The competition I speak of is brought to us  by and is being held in Hartford Connecticut for the Hudson High Robotics Team 1665.  Here’s a little about the competition:

Teams now have six weeks to design, build, and test a robot to compete in this year’s challenge – BreakwayTM.  While the teams are busy building, the FRC staff is preparing the fields, compiling supplies, and packing trophies in preparation for competitions.  It takes a full tractor trailer load of materials to set up and run a FRC event, so between February and April, trucks containing FRC fields will be crisscrossing the US and Canada.

FRC events, which are free and open to the public, run through March and into the first week of April. The season will culminate at the FIRST Championship in Atlanta, GA, April 15-17.

I have provided a video to show you what the field of competition will look like:

I will be providing pictures of the robot and give you an update of what is going on as the team is close to finishing their robot and will be ready for competition on April 1st.

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  • Awesome that platfrom nation is taking a part in this. These competitions are always great. Reminds me of a washed down version of BattleBots.

  • Haha nice. I used to be on a local team here and we’d go to the competition in Mississauga. I user to be the driver. It was an awesome experience. Infact, I am still with the team as a mentor helping them prepare for this years game.