UFC Undisputed 2010 Cover Is Revealed

Just yesterday, THQ announced in an interview they did with Gamespot, that Brock Lesnar would be the next cover athlete for UFC Undisputed 2010. Now I personally would have picked someone else, either George St. Pierre or Anderson “the Spider” Silva because in my opinion they are much better fighters, probably 2 of the top pound for pound fighters in the world. But THQ decided to go the Brock Lesnar route and I can really blame them because he is more recognizable then the other two and it will be easily to mass market him to those that do not follow UFC or MMA to the degree that myself and a bunch of my friends do. So what do you think? Do you like the cover? Leave your feedback here about your thoughts, as well as if you would have liked someone else to have that coveted cover spot.

And for you MMA fans out there, UFC 109 is going on today, why don’t you stop by our forums and make your picks.

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  • Trixie360

    I heart Brock. He is who I would send to save the earth from aliens, nazis, typhoons, or the plague!