Upcoming Facebook Games: Bigger, Better, Less Free

By the year 2012, transactions within virtual games on social networking sites are forecasted to reach a mind blowing 2 billion in sales.  Like any reasonable developer would, industry big wigs are seeing an opportunity to take a piece of the pie.  We all know the available Facebook gaming options thus far have little actual gameplay and rudimentary graphics, it’s only natural that over time many well known titles/ genres will evolve and be made available to the masses.  While you definitely won’t have the same big screen HD gaming experience that you have grown used to at home, you may be able to stumble upon the perfect time killer for those lunch breaks in your cubicle.

Brave Arms is a 3D FPS or “Social Shooter” set to be released in March by 3G Studios.  Like other online games it will be free to play but be prepared to be bombarded with microtransaction options around every corner in order to level up quickly or faster gameplay.

On the other end of the spectrum, EA sports president Peter Moore has announced plans to make Madden NFL “more accessible” to the more than 400 million Facebook users.  While the game has yet to be officially announced it will still be interesting to see how it develops.  I’m guessing it’ll be free to play with possible player contracts having to come out of your own pocket… Okay not really but you get the picture.  EA also purchased Playfish Inc last year and if flash games are your thing here is a list of their free to play (for now) games.

(via Bloomberg & Joystiq)

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