Another Motion Controller: Razer And Sixense Step Up To The Plate

At E3 last year Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo revealed to the world their concepts of gesture controlled gaming and each company showed an early demonstration of each system. Enough said.

More recently at CES last month, Razer and Sixense showed their new edition to the motion controller gaming space. This controller is designed to be used with PC games mainly first person shooters like Call of Duty 4, Left 4 Dead, Half life 2 and other non-first person shooters like Spore.

Unlike the Sony motion controller and Microsoft’s Project natal this new piece of hardware doesn’t use a camera to trace points but instead uses a wireless magnetic tracking system which uses a small base station. This base station can precisely pinpoint the movement of the controller to one millimeter of its position and one degree of its orientation. The interesting thing about this is Razer and Sixense have prepared a development kit for developers to build games specifically for this new hardware which intern means a new category of video games will emerge.

Valve has shown great interest in this new piece of tech and has developed a tech demo to show how a gestured control system can be used in a game like Left 4 Dead. The video shows Left 4 Dead being played using the new motion controller which appears to work pretty well.

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  • That’s some nice tech! Looks like it works really well. It’s nice that everyone will be able to use motion.