Death Of A Giant: Halo 2

After Microsoft’s recent announcement that they’re shutting down the Xbox Live servers for original Xbox games, including those on the 360 Marketplace as Xbox Originals, many fans were disapointed. Perhaps the biggest hit on Xbox Live, Halo 2, still has many regular players, but it’s not just them who are disappointed, Bungie themselves have talked about this sad day.

A quote from Destructoid read:

“We’re all saddened at the realization that an era is coming to an end but looking back, we’re incredibly fortunate to have had such a great run and such strong support from our fans,” a post on said. “Halo 2 has been at or near the top of the Xbox LIVE charts for original games since it launched over five years ago. We’re extremely thankful to everyone who has played, enjoyed and supported Halo 2 over Xbox LIVE. We’ve had some great fun together, including far too many humpday losses to even recount.”

Bungie have asked fans to play the game online once more on April 14, just one day before the servers are disconnected, to give it one last hurrah. They sure do know how to make things go out with a bang. So here we are, witnessing the end of one of the most played online games of the last decade. Farewell Halo 2, you will be missed.

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  • Why wont they go over to halo 3 in the frist place?!?

  • Paul Hudson

    Some people prefer the maps on Halo 2