GameHounds Episode 97: Mass Effective

microphoneYes, you’ve waited two weeks to find out what the GameHounds think of Mass Effect 2. The waiting is now over!

This week, Cooper Hawkes, Commander Tim and Edie Sellers tongue-kiss the latest and greatest exploits of Commander Sheppard, as well as get down and dirty with the lastest news of the gaming world.

This week’s topics include:

  • Microsoft announces that it will end Xbox Live for Xbox 1 games and consoles on April 15. The king is dead, long live the king.
  • A Sony big-wig finally says the fateful words: PSN will be a paid-for service at some point. Will it be an upgrade? What will it cost? That they’re not saying.
  • Green Man Gaming execs explain more about how the service will be able to buy used digital downloads back from consumers. Of course, they don’t explain everything.
  • Random stuff, emails, voice mails, thank yous and the rest of the gang.


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