New Red Dead Redemption Screenshots

Rockstar Games are teasing us with five more screenshots of the beautiful looking game Red Dead: Redemption. The new screenshots show John Marston rounding up a bandit, taming a horse and riding across the badlands with a bandit tied to his horse.

Now if you ask me these screenshots look sweet, and I can’t wait until I buy this game in April so I can get my western gaming on, If you played Red Dead Revolver you know exactly what I’m talking about. But the big difference between Redemption and Revolver is the huge expansive map you can explore, which just has me excited. If you want to check out the more info on Red Dead Redemption head over to Rockstar Games official page here.

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  • Well Rockstar likes to do that with all their games, tease and tease. JUST TELL US WHEN BULLY 2 WILL BE OUT!