Rise Of The Triad Returns

You may remember Rise of the Triads brought to us by Apogee Software (also Know as 3D Realms) back in the 90’s for the PC,  But if you aren’t that old or never played the game, you play as a member of a Special Ops. team know as H.U.N.T and are sent off to San Nicolas Island to investigate cult activity.

Well now this new version of Rise of the Triad is being brought to us for the iPhone/iPod Touch and the upcoming iPad by Apogee Software and Mobila Interactive.

Here are some of the games features:

Game features include:

  • An Apple iPhone™ OS port true to the original game.
  • Original game soundtrack.
  • A number of customizable control schemes.
  • Four full game episodes containing 32 super huge levels – up to one million sq. feet, and up to 16 stories high!
  • Secret levels, hidden rooms, and other surprises.
  • Play as one of five players, each with unique attributes and abilities.
  • Look both up and down, up to 45 degrees, to see what is above and below.
  • Ten unique, real digitized enemies (actual Apogee employees!).

Rise of Tirad is supported on Apple iPhone™ OS 2.0 and higher, including:

·         iPhone™ 2G ·         iPod touch® (1st gen.)
·         iPhone™ 3G ·         iPod touch® (2nd gen.)
·         iPhone™ 3Gs ·         iPad

Check out the video for this soon to be hit on the App Store:

I can’t wait to play this on my iPod Touch as I enjoyed it on the PC back in the day.

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