Top 20 New IPs This Generation

Top 20 New IPs / Franchises This Generation

20. Army of Two
Army of Two makes this list because of the co-op experiences that I enjoyed with it.  I played this game in split screen and it was the first shooter my wife and I played together so it left a lot of memorable experiences.  Haven’t played the sequel yet but looking forward to that next week.

19. Lost Planet
I was at a friends house and saw an advertisement on the back of some magazine for this game and immediately started searching for information on it.  Talked my better half into buying it for me and definitely enjoyed this game more than you can imagine.  The story was a little rough around the edges, but  the enemies were amazing.  That alone made it worth the purchase.

18. Heavenly Sword
I had a PS3, and Motorstorm.  While this was great, I still found myself only playing my 360.  Then finally Fall of 2007 came and the PS3 finally started to bring the goods.  I picked up Heavenly Sword on Day 1 and was truly impressed.  This was and still is one of the best set of characters ever to be brought into video games.  I would kill for a sequel but unfortunately it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

17. F.E.A.R
In the PS2 era, I became a survival horror junkie.  In the beginning of this generation I became a fan of FPS.  I saw this game on a shelf one day and thought, FPS+Horror/Paranormal stuff, I’ll take it.   While it wasn’t the most graphically impressive game, it did scare the crap out of me and for that it deserves a spot on this list..  Creepy little girls always give the best scare.

16. Darksiders
God of War meets Zelda meets Prince of Persia.  Crucify it if you want for stealing game play elements from other games but I wish more games would do this.  When multiple concepts are brought together and are developed correctly only good things can happen.  I am looking forward to many sequels of this new franchise.

15. Motorstorm
The game that made me want a PS3.  I remember when the PS3 first launched, I played this game in Wal-Mart for like 30 minutes and new I had to have one.  The graphics were just that amazing to me.  While the sequel didn’t blow me away as much as the first, because so many other games with great graphics and gameplay had been released by then, I still hold Motorstorm as the most enjoyable racing game this generation.

14. Assassins Creed
This is another one of the titles that I never could get into but give credit to Ubisoft for creating a new IP, that is loved by such as high number of people.  As one of the highest selling new IPs this generation, Assassins Creed fans will welcome sequels for years to come.

13. Dead Space
Strategic Dismemberment.  With a game being derived of a combat system that required complete dismemberment to destroy a enemy before advancing, there’s no wonder Dead Space is referred to as one of the best new IPs this generation.

12. Little Big Planet
Play-Create-Share.  Media Molecule came up with an idea that had never been done before on a console with the Play Create Share concept, and it worked wonderfully.  Capturing the hearts of gamers worldwide, Sackboy has now become a gaming icon.

11. Dead Rising
Dead Rising was an absolutely genius concept.  Survive a zombie infested mall 72 hours, as a photographer/journalist, and uncover the clues behind what caused the breakout.  I enjoyed this game quite a bit, however the un-friendly way Capcom decided to handle game saves held this game back from truly becoming a AAA title.

10. RockBand
With Guitar Hero clearly being a hit, Rock Band took the stage and blew us away with the addition of additional instruments.  This franchise has made for many great nights of fun in my house.  The only problem with this franchise and other music games is if everyone is anything like me, they’re burnt out on the music genre and will only be renting any new releases in 2010.

9. Mass Effect
Probably the best new franchise that I’ll never play.  Sorry Mass Effect, I’m just not that in to you.  However, I respect you on a extremely high level.  To have 2 games released with an average meta-critic score of 93.5, you’re doing something right.  Shepherd seems like a fantastic protagonist, the graphics are amazing and the story appears to be told terrifically. So for everything everyone else loves you for, I give you props.

8. Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead is the perfect stress reliever.  Bad day? Throw in L4D and you will be mindlessly killing zombies for hours.  Some people say that L4D2 should of been an add on, however I whole heatedly disagree.  The melee weapons were enough to make the sequel to L4D worth $60.  I don’t know what it is but sometimes it’s just a blast to kill zombies without concentrating on a story line as well.

7. Bayonetta
Step aside Dante..err Nero.  Bayonetta is a fantastically developed game with outstanding game play elements.  The combos are insane, the game length is spot on, and anyone who’s awaiting the next Devil May Cry game will definitely find a perfect stand in with Bayonetta.

6. inFamous
I don’t play sandbox / open-world games. Period.  I would of told you this over and over at the beginning of 2009.  Then I heard about inFamous.  I played the demo and was hooked.  I never thought I could have any fun in an open-world game but now I find myself eagerly awaiting the announcement of a sequel to inFamous at E3.  I played this game as Good and as Evil and enjoyed every minute of it.  Even collecting all 350 shards was a blast.

5. Batman Arkham Asylum ** MetaCritic Average Score: 91
Thank you Rocksteady and Eidos. Thank you for not basing this game off one of the Batman movies and rushing it to retail shelves for a quick cash in.  This is how it feels to really be Batman.  I hope whoever is making the next comic book superhero game is taking notes.

4. Resistance
I may catch some grief over this one, however Resistance is my #1 franchise this generation.  I lowered it on this list since it wasn’t received critically as well as others but my most anticipated game this year(crossing fingers) is definitely Resistance 3.  I cannot wait to find out what direction Insomniac takes this game in, because they could go 100 different ways.

3. Uncharted
There is no denying the masterpiece that is Uncharted 2.  Had the first one been rated anywhere near as high as the sequel, Uncharted would of easily taken the number one spot. Naughty Dog has created an amazing character with Nathan Drake and this franchise will be one of the best around for years to come.

2. Gears of War
Gears of War was only the second game I had played on my Xbox 360.  As a new 360 console owner, having only a PS2 at the time, this game absolutely blew me away.  The sequel introduced horde mode which is definitely one of the funnest game modes ever introduced to gaming.  With over 11 million copies sold, Epic Games has created a true AAA franchise.

1. BioShock
BioShock was one the the best received new IP’s this generation without a doubt. This game came in with beautiful graphics, a compelling story and even a little controversy to get the media talking.  While the jury is till out on the second one, the first reviews seem extremely favorable.  With that said, BioShock is my pick for best new IP this generation.

Honorable Mention- Demon Souls, Borderlands

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  • Would have liked to see some others, like Mirrors Edge.

  • scott grice

    Dead Space needs to rank higher. Great list however. This Ricky guy is hardcore.