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As we’ve mentioned before, both Elaine and I were huge fans of the first Bioshock, so of course, being the good little consumer whores that we are, we both indulged in the collector’s edition of the second installment, which launched today.  I imagine that many of you may have also picked up this gem, but for those that may not have, I took some shamelessly fangirlistic pics of the contents for your perusal, so hit the jump to check out the goods!

The untouched product.  Can’t you just smell the anticipation?

The inner case and the outer sleeve.  I really like the way the box looks, what with all the tiny handprints and such.

The sleeve for the LP (of the soundtrack from the first game) along with the art book and the CD soundtrack to the second game.

The game case was nestled in the bottom of the box.  It is shiny.  Over to the left there are the posters, which came rolled, as you see them here.

Another shot of the LP case, along with the rolled posters.

The LP out of its case.

The whole deal together.  This is what a collector’s edition should look like.

The posters wouldn’t stay flat for long enough that I could take a shot, so I had to weight them down with other bits of the package.  Spoils the effect somewhat, but you get the general idea.

The same shot backed out a bit… I guess it actually did look kind of neat that way.

One last close-up of the box.

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