Red Dead Redemption: ‘The Law’

Rockstar’s return to the Old West is a little more than two months away, and they are cranking out trailers to sate our hunger at a very good rate. The latest trailer, called ‘The Law’, is shown below.

Today we’re happy to present a brand new trailer for Red Dead Redemption. “The Law” sheds light on the law enforcement agencies trying to tame the Wild West. From deputies to agents, these lawmen will go to any means necessary to bring justice to the masses, even if it means using unfavorable tactics. This trailer highlights the blurry line the law must walk to ensure peace reigns in the West-at any cost.

The more that I see of Red Dead Redemption, the more that it has the GTA4 feel, look, and (most importantly) attitude. This will be a must-own title for fans of Rockstar’s open-world titles, and it’ll most-certainly be an addition to my library.

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