X10: Perfect Dark XBLA Trailer

Ever since E3 2009, fans of Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64 have been waiting for the updated HD version to be released on the Xbox Live Arcade. No release date had been set, aside from “winter 2009.” That time passed, and little was mentioned on when we will learn more. Yesterday at X’10, we finally received more information and a release window of March 2010, but where was the gameplay or trailer? Well, via Rare’s official twitter account (@RareLtd) we now have a trailer. (I’ve also embedded below):

“Latest batch of five #PerfectDark XBLA #X10Xbox shots now up on the Rare site,trailer to emerge in due course:”

“At last, it is the agreed time to show the official #PerfectDark #X10Xboxtrailer. Watch it streaming here:”

To be honest, I barely played the original on the N64, but now I can’t wait to get this game on XBLA and play with friends. 4 player split screen, and up to 8 player multiplayer online. Players could only dream of that back in the N64 days, but now you’ll only have to wait until march for that dream to come true.

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