X10: XBLA Block Party Prices Revealed

That’s right Microsoft has given a press release with all the prices for the upcoming XBLA Block Party releases. If you don’t quite understand what the XBLA Block Party is, just think of it as the Summer of Arcade where a bunch of XBLA game’s get released under the same promotion banner. All the prices are below so check them out.

  • Perfect Dark — 800MSP ($10)
  • Toy Soldiers — 1200MSP ($15)
  • Scrap Metal — 1200MSP ($15)
  • Xbox Game Room — Free to download (Each title costs 240MSP [$3] per single license, 400MSP [$5] for use on PC and Xbox 360, or 40MSP [50 cents] per play)

Seems like steady prices for each title and Perfect Dark for 800MSp is a steal, personally I thought Microsoft might have put there ever so popular 1200MSP price tag on Perfect Dark, but seeing as they haven’t I think I might be persuaded to buy this game in the coming months.

Another game I was excited to hear from X10 was Toy Soldiers, which in the debut trailer looked pretty cool with its World War I feel and strategic playing style. But then I seen the price, I don’t think I would be willing to pay out $15 for this game, Heck for that price I could buy BioShock 1 at my local gamestore pre-owned and that’s something I may very well do, but I may be persuaded to buy it after trying out the demo I guess only time will tell.

Another of the Block Party titles is Scrap Metal. Scrap Metal is a top down racing game and is one of the few games that has full anaglyph 3D support, pretty cool right. But that means I have to stick on those ridiculous looking glasses, which is something I don’t want to do if I’m racing along at breakneck speed.

And last but not least is the Xbox Game Room. If you don’t know by now the Xbox Game Room is the go to place for all your retro arcade games. It’s a free download but that’s as far as you go with the word free, each title will cost 240MSP for a single license use or 400MSP for use on both Xbox 360 & PC or if you don’t feel like paying out a few bucks you can choose the 40MSP per play, kinda like dropping a quarter into the machine back in the day but only know it’s doubled in price. The pricing structure seems solid and having the ability too drop in and spend 50 cents on game brings back the memories of visiting the arcade room as a kid.


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