Exclusive PS3 News Revealed – FirstPlay Announced

There was a lot of excitement buzzing around after GamesRadar Twitted “Anyone interested in a World Exclusive PlayStation 3 announcement? Try 8am UK time Monday 15 Feb on…”. Everybody was anticipating a new game to be revealed such as Mass Effect 2, Lair 2 and anything in between.

Eager as I was this morning to find out what the info was, I looked on their website to look for the news at 9:00AM (I was so eager I actually went on my Wii browser!) and there it was- they had revealed…

…FirstPlay, a “brand new interactive HD show for gamers, from the makers of Official PlayStation Magazine” that will launch this March in PAL territories only. Hooray?

FirstPlay's sleek interface

Brought to you by the Official PlayStation Magazine.

You can download each new episode for 99p every week that updates every Thursday, or you can pay £8.99 for a three month subscription to the service. Each episode will be ‘full’ of reviews and preview videos as well as interviews.

Below is a video that shows you what is to come.

Cheers GamesRadar for the great exclusive news!

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  • Jake Green (HuntingJake)

    If it has as much content as it promises and has the right features to actually compete with a magazine £8.99 for a 3 month subscription is a bargain compared to £5 for 1 issue of a magazine. I’ll be keeping an eye on this for sure.

  • sounds like qore, not sure if I’m interested at all