You Can Guest on this Week’s Room 101 DC Episode


OK folks. This is a call out to all of you who would like to be on the show. This Thursday evening Tony and I will be on Skype. We want to do a Room 101 episode starring our community. If you want to be on the show, jump onto the thread on the community forums here, request a time slot and email me your Skype name if I don’t already have it.

Slots Available…


What you have to bring to the show is something that you’re sick of about games, the games industry or even gamers themselves. The aim is to make a convincing enough argument that the thing you hate gets cast into the fiery pit of Room 101. Conversely Tony and I have the task of playing devil’s advocates and trying to make a case for keeping your pet peeve out in the world. We’ve done three of these shows already and they’re always great fun and really entertaining.

Episode #114:

Episode #67:

Episode #11:

We’ll be updating throughout the night on Twitter. Let us know what you think.

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