3D Dot Game Heroes Customization Explained

This morning, the US PlayStation Blog posted a very interesting read about the upcoming 3D Dot Game Heroes from Atlus Games. In this blog post, Aram Jabbari talks about the ability to fully create and customize your hero.  Not only will users be able to create their hero bit by bit (or is it pixel by pixel ?) They will also be able to animate their characters by way of Walking, attacking, and Victory poses.

is that DON- er, Monkey Kong ?

Not only will you be able to create your own heroes for the game, you will be able to upload them to an upcoming website to share with the rest of the world; kinda like what that one game did with level creation. The article also goes into more of a personal monologue about the new feature and why it will be amazing. You can read that article in it’s entirety here. He also mentions that if you are “artistically challenged” that there will be a few models pre-loaded with a few models.

Mechanical Spider ?

Thank you PlayStation Blog for keeping us up to date with this homage-filled game due in stores May 11th

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