Changing of the Guard

phoenixOkay… nobody panic. Everything is fine.

Sit down, take a breath. Remember, do *not* panic.

… Commander Tim is stepping down from GameHounds.

Now, wait. I said don’t panic!

This is not a bad thing. He’s just way too busy with school, work and the rest. The forums now being on Pink Ninja is proof that he’s still a dear friend of the podcast, and we wish he would stay. And one day in the future he may just come back. But right now he’s stretched way thin and he needed to let something go.

Also, you’ll still be able to hear him on The Widget Show, so it’s not like he’s disappearing, he’s just condensing a bit.

But with the sad news comes some happy stuff.

Our semi-regular fill-in, Holy Goalie, will be a new, permanent replacement for Commander Tim! We’re really thrilled to bring his dulcet tones and bad Tiger Woods jokes to you every week as a regular part of GameHounds.

Please feel free to send your love, adoration and congratulatory wishes to Holy Goalie!

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