Metro 2033 Set For DX11 Support

Earlier today THQ announced that their upcoming post apocalyptic first person shooter, Metro 2033, is going to have the most extensive DX11 support in games so far. It will support a number of advanced features only available to the new cards, including 3D. It is expected to be the best looking PC game out there with this news.

Times are grim in the Metro

A press release from THQ read:

THQ Inc. and NVIDIA today announced that Metro 2033TM, the upcoming first person shooter from 4A Games, will support a number of advanced DX11 features with the latest generation of DX11 graphics cards, as well as NVIDIA 3D Vision support. Metro 2033 will also feature advanced, hardware accelerated physical effects using NVIDIA PhysX.

Gamers with DX11 cards will experience advanced Depth of Field effects as well as Full Tessellation on character models. You can see the results on the official Metro 2033 Flickr Collection at .

“Our engineers have been working closely with 4A Games to ensure that Metro 2033 takes full advantage of some of the spectacular effects made possible with the next generation of DX11 hardware,” said Tony Tamasi, Senior Vice President of Content and Technology at NVIDIA. “The 4A Engine is one of the most advanced game engines we’ve ever worked with, and with DX11 enabled, Metro 2033 is undoubtedly one of the best looking PC games of 2010. Combine this with NVIDIA 3D Vision and PhysX and you will experience mind-blowing visuals.”

Metro is scheduled for release in North America and Germany on the 16th March, Australia on the 18th March, and in the UK and the rest of Europe on the 19th March, on Xbox 360 and PC.

The amount of graphic detail in the mask is only a taster

I’m personally looking forward to this game, it’s a interesting FPS, as bullets are the currency you use and they are scarce. Getting from one station to the next will be a great challenge in itself. It has good source material too, as the book that the game is based on is an extremely good story. Although I’m not getting it on PC I can appreciate how much of a great move this is, experiencing the game in 3D would be amazing. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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