My First Week With An Xbox 360- From A PS3 Owner

Xbox 360 or PS3- it’s a question that plagues everyone who has one of the two forerunners this generation. Of course, one could also argue that the Wii should also be counted there, but many ‘hardcore’ gamers think otherwise- me being one of them.

I’ve had my PlayStation 3 for just over a year, and when I bought it I thought I had done the right thing- everyone who I knew had one, and most of all, it had LittleBigPlanet- a game that I so desperately wanted to play.

It was then, however, I started to regret my decision- I later found out that virtually all of my mates had got a 360 for Christmas- I was gobsmacked. And ever since then I’ve tried to defend the PS3, and I never backed down- until last week.

Yes, the tide turned as soon as I switched it on- I was greeted with the setup page that was very easy to complete and, when that was done, I was taken to the lovely Dashboard. “Wow” I thought. I got myself signed into Xbox LIVE Gold and added some of my mates, created my avatar (o hai Nintendo!) and then I played some Forza.

My Xbox showing my awesome avatar

On My Xbox you can do all sorts- change your avatar, admire it...

It read the disc. I looked up at the sky outside to see if there was a plane flying over my house, and there wasn’t. It was the DVD drive. I have either got a faulty BenQ drive in mine (as that’s what drive I have determined that I have) or it’s normal- now, I had heard complaints before and I didn’t think that it was going to be this loud…and I thought my PS3 was a tad noisy!

Aside from this, I decided to check out the a ton of more features there are available-, Facebook, Sky Player (though you need a multi-room subscription which I don’t have, so I can only watch on-demand programs) and of course, the Marketplace; the home of the demos, games on demand and a whole other array of things. What I like about it all is that everything has the same Dashboard theme it makes everything seem integrated properly and not an add-on, much like how the PlayStation Network feels like on the PS3.

Xbox 360 Game Add-on Marketplace

Uses the same Dashboard theme throughout- looks very sleek, doesn't it?

However, it’s not all fine and dandy for the Xbox- the one thing that annoyed me most is all the extras you have to buy- LIVE, batteries (or the Microsoft’s Plug & Play), wireless adapter (that is expensive, coming in at £30 or more; alternatively you could just but an Ethernet cable) and for me, I’m going to have to get an overpriced HDD and a headset too. Darn.

Original Video – Xbox 360 2 and half minute review

Those are just my feelings so far, and I’m sure most with both consoles feel the same way-  I hope so anyway. Comment away Platform Nation buddies!

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  • david

    good arcticle. as i was going to post something similar i had a ps3 since october last year and got an xbox last week, already the xbox is tossed aside and i have returned to the ps3, both are great consoles but playing the 360 AFTER the ps3 is like spoiling your appetite, the 360’s hype and what got me to purchase one was mainlty due to fanboys, i decided to try the console out on my own basis and it turns out it’s nothing more than a halo clinic. maybe its just those who enjoy the halo/gears of war franchises that love the xbox, i like my xbox but its already playing catch up with the ps3 after one week. the same may happen to you too.

    • Dj Ron360

      Playing catch-up….are you crazy or just don’t know that the xbox 360 has surely surpassed that bloated blackbox called the PS3!

    • Traigan

      yeah I got a 360 last October from a friend for free after having a PS3 since it came out. I haven’t really played it much at all. Maybe a total of 8 hours have gone into it since i got it. The 360 feels outdated compared to the PS3 imo.

  • bill

    You should buy an elite system when comparing the two. Of course theres no hd, or headset on an arcade. Its the cheap option for non online gamers, or its used as a second one for traveling. Pop hd off and out you go.

    • Real Gambler

      Buying an Arcade for travelling seem like a very expensive solution…

      I have a gym bag, which has an old pc power cord, a very long hdmi cable and internet cable (in case wireless is not available where I go). I also have the original analog cable just in case. When I travel, I simply unplug my PS3 and leave all original cabling behind. Throw it in the gym bag, and I’m gone. Total cost including gym bag is less than $50. Less if you use an old gym bag that doesn’t smell much : ) Since I travel a lot, I love that “always ready to go” setup.

  • tyler

    if you put the elite against the ps3slim, you get better gaming on the 360. live is sooooo far ahead of sonys network its a joke. the majority of all cross platform games run better, and are visually superior on the 360. the hardcore gamers play the 360, and thats a fact. anyone and everyone i know that has both systems use the ps3 for bluray, and some exclusives. the multiplatform games, 360 exclusives,and hardcore online are all 360. The best example of the ps3 tanking in crossplatform games is gta, it doesnt run in hd. Its like 620p, while the 360 runs it in HD…and dont confuse uprezzing to how the console actually produces an hd game. The cold hard truth, is the diehard gamer plays on the 360

    • CKraCKset

      fanboy faggotry at its finest

    • Wow

      Fanboy faggotry indeed.

      Too bad real gamers don’t actually bother ever picking up a 360 since every game is just a crappy PC game.

      PC gaming is Master Race.

      PS3 is good though, since it has lots of exclusives you can’t get on PC.

      There isn’t a single 360 exclusive that makes the console worth picking up. Some stupid interface and a crappy version of face will never be able to compete with a PC.

      I play Starcraft, Age Of empires, Counter Strike, Quake Live, Crysis, Dwarf Fortress, Unreal Tournament 3, and thousands of games on my PC and you’re telling me a console with inferior controls, interface and practically no games is where “hardcore” gamers play?

      Honestly there are better games on the Wii, PSP, and PS3. Like Monster Hunter, MAG, Demon’s Souls, Metroid and Uncharted 2.

      Although you got a mainstream, laggy, unbalanced, glitchy, games like Halo, Gears Of war and COD MW2? DERP A HERP

      • Tanner

        Well lets see COD MW2 is on ps3 and i have played it own both systems there both equally great, both systems are great they both have the pro’s and con’s.
        Each system has there own games like Ps3 has Uncharted and God Of War and Metal Gear Solid, while 360 has Halo and Gears and Left 4 Dead (1 and 2)
        what i am getting at is there both great systems with great games for both, they both have some same games, they have different controls of course, but u got to remember there are somethings the 360 gets that pc and Ps3 want get and there’s stuff Ps3 will get that 360 want,and same for Pc it will get stuff that 360 and Ps3 want.

    • VinTheDean

      Why is the XboxLive “sooooo far ahead of sonys network”?

      No one is able to answer this questions on facts. Just pure bias and personal preference.

      I was hoping that this article would shed some light on the topic but it did not.

      As you can tell, i own a PS3. Both platforms have online gaming issues (with the same games no less) which goes to show that one is not better than other.

      Can someone please explain it to me?

      • I can answer that question for you, infact it’s not a hard question, When you pay for a service you can complain about it if you have any problems, So although PS Networks is free, it will never match Live because we pay the one off annual fee. Sony owners don’t have a leg to stand on if there network goes down, Also Sony charge there users everytime a new FIRM wire update is release if you done update then your system is behind the rest (i don’t no what the COST is), Live updates are included in the one off annual fee, which allows us to chat or text to other gamers who maybe in other games at that moment or a group chat. Something Sony is still would on, Sony will needed to charge for this Service. All i can say is that i’m happy to pay for my service £32 per year that about £2,50 a month.

        • NunyaBiness

          WHAT???? Firm wire? Charge? what the hell are you smoking? you obviously have NO CLUE and should not have responded to a question that begs a proper answer from all the ‘ZOMG XBL is soooo better’ crowd. PSN is awesome and as an owner of both consoles even I have no answer to those that believe XBL is so great – its more a justification for paying for a service that PC and PS3 users get for free. As far as being able to complain to MS about network problems – ummmm – you’ve never had to work with MS customer service, have you?

      • MM51-TheRealDeal

        the thing is itsnt that far ahead
        i agree xbox live is better than psn
        but thats is only because of cross game chat and games on demand

        people dont realise that ps3 owners have twiiter,facebooj,lastfm ect. its all on the web browser

        so once the optinal psn premium service comes this year that will include cross game chat and other features psn and xbl will be even

        ps.dont listen to
        zalpha updates are free if they werent i would of bought a 360 ages ago

    • cody

      omg tyler is so dumb hahahahahahaha funny look up your facts before you start puttin down the PSN buddy

    • Adrian

      Bull!!! The real Hardcore Gamers Play PC!!! Like me! and coming from an Hardcore Gamer the PS3 is the closest to a PC as a console, own one as well!!! ex: install base, HDD (in every systems), XMB is great!! for hardcore technology fans like me.
      Xbox is the casual setup!! tried it as well. all beautiful for who lol!!! I use the classic setup on windows the hardcore stuff!!! learn your stuff first!! fanboy!!!!!

    • brandon

      you should do some fact checking. 360 upscales all games and runs them in 1080p. at least the ps3 playes them at the resolution that they were made for.

    • The_Planeswalker

      Hey, you might want to get your facts correct. There is no such thing as 620. First normal broadcasting comes in at 480i. And the step up from that would be 720i which is HD service. And yes its a blue ray disc so it is going to be put into 720i. Please get your facts correct fanboy before you go on about such crap.

  • Hyun Jung

    Actually, the hardcore (in a competative sense) gamers play on the PC, but whatever.
    I do feel that the 360 and the PS3 have their own advantages and to simplify it to: >”hardcore gamers play on this” therefore “casual gamers play on the other” is just… retarded.

  • erm..

    elite has no hdmi cable either, not too bad as there going cheap on amazon.

    the problem with xbox IS all the accessories, its worse than wii….and thats saying something

    35 quid a year to play online is just a pure unadulterated rip off as well…and this is why the console is 50 quid cheaper, after a tear tho….u’l soon get that back and more with ps3.

    sixaxis motion in ‘every’ controller everyone>>

  • Adrian

    I am an xbox user and lately getting more addicted to LIVE especially…have 2 consoles now both ELITE with a 120GB.

    You failed to mention one thing that hopefully you will not encounter and that is the ROD.

    I do not know about the PS3 but I just do not like the Power Supply it’s massive and cannot imagine that inside the console 😛

    I have the newer JASPER model and it might not suffer from the ROD issue..but it’s still noisy. GOOD COMMENT however i LOL’s when I read the airplane part :).

    You can find a lot of XBOX stuff on ebay and I am sure you can make some good deals…there are so many banned consoles outdoor that you’ll find the required parts 😉

    Happy XBOXING!! btw don’t forget to hook it up to your windows media centre 😉

  • Henry

    Tyler is 100% right, i’m hardcore and a bought a Xbox360 at laucnch never needed a PS3. Xbox360 was ahead since it’s launch and the rest just plays catch up while the 360 progresses further…Microsoft are Masters at Work and the 360 defines this generation….

    • well its sad that after like four years people keep bantering about the same thing.
      it seems no one wants to be wrong when it comes to “which console is better”
      honestly each console has its strength and weaknesses .

      see i bought an 360 launch and it was all good till i got the RROD..i sent it back and got another and another and another …same issue. the guy over at Microsoft support tells me that i can upgrade to an elite if i pay some extra money because it was my 5th one…i took the bait and sweet i got an elite. loved it till it RROD on me. i finally bought one of the latest models which turned out to work fine. but the sour taste is in my mouth already. its not trust worthy anymore. don’t get me wrong i still like it but preference is a big word.

      the ps3 i bought also at launch….sadly my issue with it was reversed..yellow light instead of red and i had to return it. i sold the 60g and bought a 160g and its been flawless since.

      i dont like the market place because its to cluttered and no one wants to admit that.people tell me that live is better but i just don’t see it. im on playing gears or even mass and the system lags not to mention the really annoying Neanderthals on there who only know how curse. im running on optimum which in new york is honestly the best Internet. im running at 78mbs so it shouldn’t lag one bit but it does. MW2 on the 360 feels so slow and heavy like killzone was.
      but i love that everyone has a headset (cheap headsets) but its a headset.

      now the psn is a baby still and little by little its getting there. in terms on content both system have nearly the same. cool 360 has more movies but the movies that make up the total count are B movies..wich really isnt worth your money.
      exlucives are old now..seriously everyone gets all excited because it comes out first on live then on psn but in the end result they debute on the same day.
      i love that my ps3 is easy to understand. my nephew is only 6 and he knows how to work a ps3. everythings in its own column so you know where it all is. i love that right out the box you don’t have to buy anything but connect and play. i love that sony allows upcoming devs to showcase there work on psn and the game are actually good. but we get plagued with problems like the MW2 issue and bugs. or that you can insult someone under a screen name and change it add them and they wont even know its you(creepy).
      see strength & weaknesses they all have them but because we fave one company choice doesnt mean we have to subject ourselves to be another ARRON GREENBURG or jack trentton.
      we sit here and fight and curse and even bring peoples IQ’s in to the picture just cause we like a system thats not rewarding you for mouthing off. im done with choosing a system.. articles like this only insue the biggest of wars on the forums..its like they write it and laugh at people when they comment and bash one another. criterion games devs said they love to come on forums and laugh at everyone who’s a fanboy ..

      but i guess we each have our own likes and will forever defend our systems.

      side note 360 39.2million units sold to date including the one year head start.
      ps3 33.6million units with a year to go.

      see guys the ps3 is catching up and when it does these forums are going to be a scene out of god of war or darksiders..
      love your console but let the other enjoy his

    • ^^^^
      I want one of those “I’m with stupid –>” T-shirts….

  • roosky

    my first days with an xbox360 – from a ps3 owner:xbox360 tossed through the window(sarcasm).however,xbox360 re-selled after 3 months.
    It’s best to play 360 games first or you will be depressed after playing ps3 exclusives then backtracking to 360.

  • Wow

    Why will u downgrade like that?

  • chulonyc

    You gay xbox fanboys cant be serious!!! lol PS3 is years beyond the xbox and real hardcore gamers play the ps3. Have you ever read the article on the average ages of ppl that play the xbox compared to ps3 lol on average for the xbxo they range frm 14 to like 19 lol yeah hardcore gamers for ps3 20 to like 40 use common sense idiots (hardcore gamers!!!! denial is a disease)

    • asdcxz321

      Its people like you that give us PS3 owners bad names -_-

  • kikiro

    I was quite the opposite. I borrowed my mates 360 for 3 months, completed gears of war (loved it), played halo3 (meh, silly munchkins and silly beep beep guns) and tried some other games. But it felt cheap, noisy, controller was clunky and worse of all watching dvd films was like sitting in a room full of loud hair dryers. Then I went to my mates, he showed me killzone, burnout paradise, modern warfare, assassins creed and gta and it just felt ‘right’. Although the 360 sometimes looks sharper I couldn’t help but see the geometry much like pc games – you know like counting the polyons. Somehow the ps3 gfx ‘felt’ better easier on the eye and the experience richer – much like movie quality. Anyway, never looked back. PS3 all the way. Great thing about ps3 community… everyone loves games and just gets on with it. xbots on the otherhand just jump up and down with rage, and keep asking themselves:- damn wish i had bluray, damn wish my 360 live was free, damn the bloody noise, damn how much longer can i live with it breaking down again… and again. Better of with a PC than a 360 IMO.

  • D

    yet another article proving anyone can get published online

  • kanji

    No, your benQ drive isn’t faulty, xbox is just that loud. First thing I did when I inserted DVD in the drive is to call the shop where I got it and ask if it is broken. They told me that, that is normal and that x360 is a tad loud. Funny how tad loud sounds like a fighter jet taking off.

    At first I got 360 because I got convinced by M$ marketing campaign that it truly is a best console. After 7 months, annoyed by noise, paying for every stupid little thing (that is integrated into PS3), lack of any high quality exclusives, and overall quality of console (overheating, freezing, etc.), sold X360 and bought PS3 slim. Never happier.

    Funny how everyone likes to claim that live is a so much better than PSN. From my experience as someone that used gold live, and PSN, there is no difference in quality of the service. Both have demos, DLC, netflix, their own shows, etc.

    Consider that PS3 users get these features for free while X360 users pay for them (they even pay to do something basic as playing online). Interesting how M$ likes to treat their customers – milking them dry.

    But hey, they are more than happy to give them money. After all, they can sleep sooundly at night knowing that they pay for a “better” service… At least that is what they tell themselves when they fork out 50$ every year. “It must be better since I’m paying it right? RIGHT???”


  • LBDz

    So what about the Elite. ? It still costs up to £40.00 per year to play your ” all ready bought game ” online, while the PS3 is FREE. Also i find that PS3 online connection is better than the 360’s.

    The only thing that 360 has that PS3 hasn’t is Cross Game Chat. Now that will be coming to PS3, but the PS3 is cheaper to run and play online than the 360 ever will be.

    The 360 was poorly built and the sales are due to breakdowns or console bans.once CGC comes to the PS3 everyone will jump ship, you’ll see.

  • bheezey

    This is in regards to the noise issue. About a year ago, Micorsoft made it to where you can rip the game onto your xbox, you still have to keep the disc in, but it actually helps with noice tremendously and helps the game run smoother.

  • Steve519, why would you link this to The only thing I can see you trying to accomplish with this is fanboy traffic from N4G to PN.

  • mark

    lol live is so far ahead of psn,i dont think so you xbots,what exactly is it then,oh yeh the cross game chat that nobody wants or uses cause nobody wants to speak to some1 else playing a total different game,last fm lol you joking,wanna listen to radio switch on ur radio,pc,freeview box.facebook ps3 has and sky player u got to pay for on top of paying to use xbox live to start with hahaha you mugs
    psn is free,we get the best downloadble games,dedicated servers,voice chat,avaters,themes and its all free in full hd with 3d coming soon.if you need anymore then its not gaming you want its a myspace prfile.goodbye xbots.

  • LG

    First from the looks of it you need a bigger TV to enjoy what the PS3 has to offer and make a comparison on the two systems. Instead of wasting your money on all the xbox stuff you should have just upgraded your TV. But yeah playing CodMw2 is really fun with 12 year old cheesers who cheat the game because they have self esteem issues. Good call.

  • mark

    oh and the ps3 slim is also cheaper on your electric then the 360 and also smaller and no noise at all with free wifi built into every ps3.really xbots buy the elite or what ever else cause ps3 still has more features.

  • These articles are good in theory (PS3 owner’s view on having a 360 and vice versa) but all it does is stir up immature fanboyistic biased statements as demonstrated by the comments above. Both systems have their pluses/minuses. “Hardcore” gamers want to play all the games they can get their hands on…get both consoles. I just don’t get the loyalty to either console, do they pay you?!? It’s about the games, not the oonsoles…play the games people, not the consoles.

    • LG

      this article is a joke


    Had both, 5 360s and 2 ps3s. Four of my five xboxs broke so when the last broke I had to draw the line. Both ps3s are still working. I love gears 1&2 but not enough to pay $50 yr subscription and have a 6th elite break. Sony could add cross game chat but most of my talking is done via cell/Bluetooth when I’m playing so I’m cool with Sonys free internet. Like avatars and cross game chat but not willing to pay for them, sorry Microsoft. Had call of duty both platforms and no Sony is NOT more laggy. Just because I was paying for live it wasn’t any better than the ps3 counterparts. UNCHARTED=rip Xbox best series I’ve ever played, and part 2’s online better than gears big time &same style too.Love MAG &killzone 2. Resistance 1&2 were good campaign games but halo’s multiplayer was better than resistance but wouldn’t rebuy neither. Point is I can’t spend another $300 for another possibly faulty console.Not for gears of war 2, not with all this other stuff out. Besides theboxes breaking uncharted is my Xbox killer. Uncharted 2 is an Xbox stomper. Play them high def NOTHING comes close. Another thing that swayed my decision is that an average game resistance 2 used 28 gigs of the disc while xbox’s halo hdst is a 7 gig game. Hulk go now.

  • Alymon

    Eh… I have both. I had a launch 360 and just got a PS3 about 3 weeks ago.

    Both systems have their pluses and minuses.

    I like the 360 better overall as of right now, but that could be because I’ve had years of time with it and only a couple weeks with the PS3.

    The PS3 is certainly quieter and I think the interface (outside of the PSN) is slicker.

    I love both though. Both have exclusives I just had to play.

  • bheezey

    I used to be a Playstation fan, but I had some bad online experiences. For example: I was playing SOCOM online and every other game a guy would be flying through the air shooting down at you. Pretty sure that’s not supposed to happen. Why is this? Well since Playstation network is free, thay can’t pay anyone to watch out for problems like that. That’s mainly why xbox live costs money, so they pay people to watch over the servers. Hence you get what you pay for. I went to xbox and the live experience is ten times better. The playstion 3 is a good system, but I play mostly online shooters, not halo, and that’s where I believe Xbox has an advantage. Also, project natal is coming soon which will be amazing in itself.

  • yojim

    Socom > all
    takes skill, team work and I just love it.

  • Stevemes

    Amen for TeeTocks’ comment.

    Enjoy the games peops..stop this bullsh*t fighting about the consoles!