New Gameplay Footage From NIER

With Final Fantasy XIII a mere weeks away from stateside release, Square Enix is not taking a break and has released new gameplay video from their upcoming Action-RPG NIER. This video comes hot on the heels on recently released screenshots from earlier this week. Our main character NIER continues the fight against the “Giant Shade” invading his village from their first gameplay video. The video also introduces Kaine, NIER’s partner in crime. From the looks of this Video “Nothing Is As It Seems” check it out below (NSFW warning: scantily clad female with weapons to be seen)

After watching the video, I will admit I am more interested in the game now than I was before. However, It’s not like I didn’t have anything else to do before this… now would be a GREAT time to get a GameFly account, right ?

What do YOU think of the video? Does Square Enix have another hit on their hands, or is this going straight to the bargain bin? Will the weight of the name “Square Enix” be enough to guarantee sales? All will be answered April 27, 2010

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