Pay For Shoes, Get A Game

Adidas has been a favorite brand of mine since I played soccer in high school when decided that I needed the neon orange and blue shin guards that matched my track pants.  Since then they have stayed true to my geeky heart with their line of Star Wars themed gear and now a video game line.  The adiGame collection summons up old school gaming 8 bit glory days with their ZX 500’s.    For $90 these multicolored running shoes and the included  80’s style game can be yours.

“ZX Runner,” is an ’80s-style platformer that lets you take on the role of DJ Zed as he races through to a blacked-out neighborhood to get to his midnight set on time. With 5 minutes on the clock, you will need to run, moon-walk, climb walls, avoid some dodgy-looking thugs, collect power-ups, and pull off insane rooftop-to-rooftop stunts to make it to the stage.

(Via GameCulture)

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