• Too bad my PC isn’t able to run this 🙁

  • Mike Teeters

    Oh man I’ve fallen absolutely in love with this game! I’ve played WC3, SC, and Diablo. None of them are even worth mentioning after playing Starcraft 2! Diehard fan for 10 years here!! I was sad to see that Blizzard didnt think I was worthy of participating in their beta untill I stumbled upon a site giving out beta keys! Im not sure if they have any left but this is the url:

  • I almost got scammed too..

    Luckily I found this free blog that was giving out completely free beta key as a cool promotion. I got two keys from there.

    Not sure if they have any left, but you can visit the blog by clicking on my name (George Randolph).

    Good luck getting one guys!