Trauma Team For The Wii

Today I had the pleasure of viewing a demo for the upcoming Trauma Team.  Trauma Team is the follow-up game in the acclaimed Trauma Center series and is due to be released May 18, 2010 for the Nintendo Wii and will carry a $49.99 price tag.  The demo was played by Aram Jabbari from Atlus and he played as Dr. Gabriel Cunningham in the Diagnostics Mode.   The game proves to be medically intense, but there is no need for your PH.D to play this one.  The clear on screen instructions will guide you through the physical examination to coercing a grouchy patient to submit to other testing that will help you make a correct diagnosis and get the patient on the road to recovery.

There are five other modes you can play as in the game from a First Responder to a Orthopedic Surgeon, Trauma Team covers them all to include Forensics, General Surgeon, Endoscope Technician and of course Diagnostics.  The game is said to last about 15 hours if you complete all six modes, but somethings can be a little tricky and you will have to go back and maybe re-examine a patient numerous time to find the correct diagnosis for that patient.

So if you ever wanted to be a Doctor here’s your chance without all those pesky college loans that will take forever to pay back.  Keep an eye out here at Platform Nation and we will keep you up to date on any new breakthroughs or news for the upcoming Trauma Team.

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