GTA V Headed To Vice City?

Courtesy of the great writers at Gamespot and the forum goers of, new information and speculation has come out of the GTA world. You’ll remember a while ago about the Liberty City Stories 360 disc teasing the next installment. To jog your memory, here is the back of the manual again.

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Well, both forum goers and Gamespot readers have sussed that there could be a MASSIVE hint just starring us right in the face. It’s yet to be confirmed if the Vice City poster (seen after the Liberty City manual teaser) is real or fake, but my money is on it being real. I recognize the image ever so slightly, and it has trademark GTA humor. Although it does like slightly too bright to be something out of GTA.

So what’s everyone’s thoughts about the apparent return to one of the most praised environments in videogame history? Personally I can’t wait, I still think Vice City had the best music and atmosphere, but San Andreas just nailed the GTA ‘freedom’. I can now see where Rockstar may be heading. Who knows? GTA VI in San Andreas? A HD remake of the world? We can only drool at our dreams, until March, when it’s teased we’ll get a teaser for the next GTA.

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  • I would love to see GTA go back to Vice City, and so would many. The best music came from GTA: VC.