Aliens Vs. Predator Review

Game Review: Aliens Vs. Pedator
Release: February 16, 2010
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Developer: Rebellion
Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC
Players: 1 (2-18 Online)
MRSP: $59.99
ERSB Rating: M (Mature)
Website: Aliens Vs. Predator Offical Site

If you love chocolate and you also love peanut butter then you will probably go ape-shit for chocolate and peanut butter, right? Damn straight. Those are two ingredients that cannot fail together — they are destined for each other. You could say the same for two of the best sci-fi actions flicks ever made: Aliens and Predator. Merely the concept alone is enough to numb my face with excitement and make me drool like St. Bernard. However, just about anything can be screwed up – imagine if the Swedish Chef were to combine your two favorite ingredients; it would be a disaster.

The concept proved to be a hit back in 2001 when Sierra released Aliens Vs. Predator 2. Critics loved the game. Both multi-player and single player campaigns were intense. AVP2 on the PC was definitely a hit – such a hit, in fact, that it inspired a movie franchise (a crappy one, but still…).  So, 9 years and two crappy movies later we finally get a next gen Aliens Vs. Predator game – and I will use the term “next gen” loosely. With games like Killzone 2, MAG, and Modern Warfare 2 before it Aliens Vs. Predator can barely be considered a next gen title.

Recipe for disaster?

The story is filled with genre clichés, that is if you play through the Marine campaign – you do have the option of playing as either Predator or Alien, too. The human space station is attacked and destroyed and a handful of Marines are forced to crash land on some deserted planet that looks like a cheaper version of planet Helghan. There you fight off cute and cuddly Aliens and handsome Predators. As either Alien or Predator I´m pretty sure the main point is just to annihilate the humans.

*bleep! bleep! bleep!*

Out of the three game types the Marine campaign comes off the weakest. The controls feel weightless, the characters are forgettable, and the weapons are gimmicky. You will probably laugh the first time you hear the sound of a firing rifle; sounds like they ripped the sound effects from a cheap toy gun. Also, the fact you cannot aim through the scope becomes frustratingly annoying – I suppose they did that to up the suspense but unfortunately it does more damage. The best thing about the Marine campaign is motion-sensing gadget you have on your HUD – it is probably the most immersing feature in the entire game; really takes a person back to bad to the days when the Aliens movies were the bee’s knees,

On the upside, the Predator and Aliens campaign are a lot more fun even though they are riddled with glitches. As Predator you can cloak, take enormous leaps, use your heat sensor – all the toys that making stalking so much fun. Unfortunately, the illusion of being some big bad-ass Predator quickly disappear when enemy A.I. glitches and twitches. Sometimes Marines cannot detect your presence when standing two meters from them but when you are 50 feet above their heads, with your cloaking device enabled, some random Marine will spot you and start shooting at you.

Game over.

The Aliens campaign is definitely the coolest. Stalking in the shadows, sneaking up behind people and then harvesting them definitely brought a smile to my face – and ultimately made the purchase worth while – but, and I cannot say it was unexpected, the Aliens campaign also comes with it’s load of glitches: the option to climb through the vents doesn’t always pop up when you need it, sometimes you will have to move around it until the option pops up, and the transition from wall to wall can be confusing and disorienting.

When you’ve played through all three campaigns (which should take you 10 hours) you have a fun little multi-player to fall back on, and it isn’t all that bad. It may not be the best multi-player game out there but it will definitely give you hours of mind numbing fun.


Even though Aliens Vs. Predator’s cons outweighs it’s pros it is not a complete failure. It’s not the epic game it could have been but rather three average games rolled into one. If you’ve got the money to spend and are a big fan of the Aliens and Predator franchise then I recommend you pick this game up. If not, then save your money and wait for the next best game.

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