Carmack Gets His Due

John D. Carmack, co-founder of id Software, has lived a fruitful life. By 1990, at the “ripe” age of twenty, he had already worked on a number of promising games–one might call him something of a prodigy.

In 1992, Carmack revealed Wolfenstein 3D–a first-person shooter–a game that would prove to be the beginning of a new era in the industry. He was on a role. Doom, hot on the heels of Wolfenstein‘s success, was released in 1993, and it was developed using Carmack’s very own engine, id Tech 1. By this point, there was no going back; with two mega-hits under his belt, Carmack had proven himself as a titan in the world of video games.

Since the early ’90s, John Carmack has been integral to the developement of many great titles, including the Quake series (with its own Quake Engine) and the Doom sequels. id Tech 1, once the peak of innovation, has also continued to grow and evolve; id Tech 5 can be seen in the upcoming Rage and Doom 4.

Looking back over Carmack’s long list of accomplishments, it’s hard to remain unimpressed. That is why, during this year’s Game Developer’s Conference, John Carmack will be presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award. On March 11th, former winner Wil Wright is to present the harbinger of Doom with his much-deserved accolade.

Information comes via Kotaku

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