Fable III To Include “True” Co-op

Let’s admit it, there were a lot of features shown to us for Fable II, but some of those feature weren’t included when the game was released last November. But now with some details officially released from LoinsHead at x10 conference, there could possible be some hope that Fable III will deliver what they’re preaching.

Now even though co-op was one of the features included in Fable II But the problem was that even though we could even invite a friend into your world, your friend could only play as a preset character, not their own created character and without able to collect experience, weapons, or loot any hope for having an enjoyable and “rewarding” co-op adventure was lost. The only way to really experience the game together was seeing your friends’ orbs floating, it was a great idea, but created the problem of having 35 Navi like characters running around the marketplaces yelling: “Hey!” or “Listen!”

So when Peter Molyneux explained the future of co-op in Fable III the 4Guys 1UP podcast, all of our problems and worries about the co-op in Fable III subsided. Molyneux stated:

“I heard you all about co-op. You want to have your own hero come into the world. Okay, fine, you can have that definitely.” Molyneux also gave more details, when he admitted that the player’s dog and weapons would also be available in co-op. “When you come into my world, you come in as your hero, with your dog, with all your unique weapons, self-crafted weapons. I heard you — you don’t wanna be tied to my camera, you wanna go off and do your own thing in my world. Fine, fair enough.”

With that said, Molyneux added by warning player about “consequences.” Molyneux said:

“It means careful who you invite in, ’cause they can screw the whole thing up, man! Yes you can use touch with your co-op partner. Yes you can walk down the street hand-in-hand. Yes you can drag your co-op partner to your dungeon and see what happens. Absolutely.”

I myself am still skeptical on the progress of Fable III, I feel like there were too many things getting promised to us for Fable II, from an advanced combat system, to an in depth way to interact with the people of Albeon. Instead we got a hack-n-slash combo fighting system, and a bunch of villagers that jeer or cheer.

Don’t get me wrong Fable II was a great game, but I feel that a lot of the features we were promised were not able to be completed in the time line they had for the release of Fable II, and that’s why when they originally announce at last years E3 that Fable III would be out this Holiday season, I wasn’t surprised. I’m hoping a lot of those abandoned features from Fable II have been completed and added to Fable III. Keep you eyes peeled for any more updates on Lion Head’s Love child, and don’t forget to keep up with any upcoming news at

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