Fresh Details On Fallout: New Vegas

Pete Hines of Bethseda Software recently let loose some sweet information for their upcoming game Fallout: New Vegas.  Don’t expect the typical Fallout universe, even though the nuclear war between US and China is still in the history books, in 2208 Vegas will be a full functioning society.

“Vegas is up and running. It is not a ghost town. It still exists and thrives. There are casinos, and you can go down onto the Strip. It will have a very different feel from that standpoint.”

Also new to the game is where your character begins his journey.  Gone are the vaults of past, you will find yourself stranded in the desert left to die and the package you were supposed to deliver is missing.

“You were a courier, and you were obviously carrying something that somebody wanted…Part of the story is finding out what you had and what they took.”

Be ready to take on local gangs competing for territory control as well as “gun-wielding super-mutants and giant bloodthirsty lizards.”  For those familiar with Bethesda’s open ended worlds you will certainly get your money’s worth out of Vegas.  I hope you are saving up your vacation days.

“It is a massive game world that will take you hundreds of hours to explore every nook and cranny.”

(Via USA Today)

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