THQ Announces Their Plans For E3

Yes it maybe only February, but everyone at is gearing up for the always highly anticipated E3, and we’re not alone! THQ has eagerly announced some news on their future with Project Natal, Sony’s new motion controller (Arc) and games like Saints Row 3, and UFC: Undisputed. In an interview with, THQ’s CEO Brian Farrell confirmed a couple rumors and teased readers with a few “small” details about the publisher’s crusade to the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Farrell also confirmed THQ will have a couple announcements for games that will include integration for both Project Natal and Sony’s Arc. But Farrell did hold a little back of THQ’s intent on using Microsoft’s, and Sony’s new motion controls saying:

“Like most platforms, you want to be there at launch, but not over-invest because you want to have enough. We’ll be showing a couple things at E3 and we’ll unveil them there. But it’s consistent with how we normally support hardware. Some at the beginning and then watching consumer acceptance we’ll either ramp up or normalize depending on how quickly the ramp goes.”

But don’t let that scare you off! Farrell also talked about their progress in Saints Row series, and even though he was hesitant on details on other games, he could contain his excitement for up comming sequel Saints Row 3 stating:

“I think it’s going to blow people’s socks off. Come to E3. People will go, ‘This is not your father’s THQ’ when they come out of E3.”

E3 may still be a few months away, but it feels like it’s right around the corner! Tune in to for as more details surface on the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo. And for the full interview with Brian Farrel click here.

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