70MB of RAM Given to PS3 Developers

PlayStation University discovered back in December that optimizations in the PS3 OS has led to a reduction of its memory footprint – down from 120MB to 96MB to now just 50MB. Even with this massive reduction though Xbox 360 is beating Sony in memory footprints with the 360 OS only using 32MB.

Now SCEA’s Patrick Seybold has reported to that this memory can now be used by developers for their games. This means there is 70MB more RAM to work with than there was at launch. This combined with the optimization developers have leaned over the past couple years will mean that games may now look better and run faster.

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  • What??


  • manfid31

    wow, XMB was 120mb at launch, thats almost half of total memory.
    and even with that low memory we got uncharted 1 and 2, MGS4, resistence, etc
    GREAT can wait to see the kind of games with almost 30% more memory available