Just Cause 2: Anatomy of a Stunt #3

On Friday I posted the first 2 of a new series of trailers promoting the upcoming sandbox game from square enix, Just Cause 2, if you haven’t seen them yet head here where you can see Rico, the star of the game star in some adrenaline fuelled trailers. The only thing stopping this new series of trailers from getting me more hyped, is that I’m as hyped as I can be, and recently the third video was released so here it is with the most manly game of chicken ever played, Fire Truck Vs Plane;

After watching this you have no idea how much I am looking forward to this game, as if a huge world combining snowy mountains with desert and tropical rainforest wasn’t enough, never mind the ability to pin enemies to different objects and vehicles using a grapple gun, I can now play virtual adrenaline fuelled chicken, my dreams have come true!

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