Aliens vs Predator is Fastest Selling Game of 2010 (UK)

Aliens vs Predator has all the ingredients to be one of the best gaming experiences of the year but since its release last week, its been met with some luke warm reviews.

Short single player campaigns and matchmaking bugs that meant successfully starting an online game was almost impossible are two of the biggest reasons for the criticism.

Despite the criticsm, data from GFK Chart-Track has confirmed that AvP not only topped the UK gaming charts last week but it is the fastest selling game of the year so far.  It knocked last weeks top selling game, Bioshock2 down to 3rd place. According to the figures (which do not include digital distribution), AvP shifted 58% of its units on the Xbox 360, 32% on the PS3 and only 9% on the PC (if Steam and similar digital distributors were included the PC figure would be higher).

If you’re a hardcore gamer who appreciates a high quality and polished game you may already have thrown your mouse at your monitor in disgust that a flawed game has beaten Mass Effect2 and Bioshock2 to the title of fastest selling game.  In that case you may also be interested to hear that the game in the 2nd place on the weekly charts is Just Dance. What more can i say?

The next month sees highly anticipaed titles like Heavy Rain, God of War 3 and Final Fantasy 13 released. Time will tell if any of these games can take the title from Aliens vs Predator.

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