The Final Humpdate

microphoneIt’s a sad day for the GameHounds gang.

This latest Humpdate, for February 24, 2010, will be the final Humpdate.

It’s been a laborious thing making two shows a week, and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it. But it was a labor of love that we wouldn’t change a bit.
If you think about all the amazing things that the Humpdate has been, it’s a bit mindboggling. After starting out as a two-man show, it became a variety podcast and it brought you some amazing voices — from ThatOneGuy Ry and the Digital Cowboys to the recent crowd, including The Rumble Pack.

We’re sorry to see it go, but we know that it will only strengthen the GameHounds regular podcasts, because now we’ll have more time to make them and give you the best — which is what you deserve.

In this last episode, the SportsHound WillG talks about how a recent lawsuit against Electronic Arts may affect sports games in the future, Holy Goalie offers his thoughts on in-game advertising, and The Rumble Pack interview Jim Zubcovich, project manager for Udon Entertainment.


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