Twittering At The Speed Of Blur

@Dtownsend23: I just unlocked the BMW 750i in Metallic Silver with chrome trim and wavy sky pattern effects@Dtownsend23: I just drifted this corner to take the lead.

@Dtownsend23: I just won the P*N Grand Prix!!!

OK, so none of those tweets actually exist, but they will soon. Activision just confirmed that their upcoming racer Blur will have the ability to tweet in-game. Racers will be able to customize text message from while in game to share anything they want (in 140 characters or less).  Racers can tweet about race victories, fans they just earned, cars they unlock, leaderboard ranks, challenge your friends (or favorite Platform Nation author) and much more.  Basically, if you see it in game and want to tweet to the world about it, you can.

I think this is going to be an interesting feature. I welcome the opportunity to choose when you tweet, instead of other games that tweeted for you (I’m looking at you Nathan Drake and your Uncharted adventures…)

Here’s a real example of an in-game tweet from Bizarre Creations Social Media Manager, Ben Ward.

Ben also mentions that racers will be able to tweet in the upcoming multi-player beta THIS march.

Blur is racing onto your PS3, Xbox 360, and PC this Spring.

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