Alpha Protocol Releasing in June

Alpha Protocol, the oft-delayed secret agent RPG from Obsidian, finally seems to have a concrete release date. Originally slated for an October 2009 release, Alpha Protocol was ominously moved back to a “Spring 2010” release, which was subsequently pushed back even further to “Summer 2010.”

Now, IGN has received word from Obsidian Entertainment that the game will be released May 27th in Australia, May 28th in Europe, and June 1st in North America for the 360, PS3, and PC.

The game is touted by Obsidian as a third-persion action game with extensive RPG elements, including a customizable character and fighting style, branching story paths, and an innovative “ripple effect” interaction system.

Lets hope they can stick to the plan; at this point another delay could  signal that there are some major problems with the game’s quality.  By the same token, this new June 1st release date could be a corporate decision from Sega to end work on the project and push it out ASAP.

Let’s not forget that Obsidian has another upcoming project that will undoubtedly require their full attention: Fallout: New Vegas.

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