God of War 3 – Epic, Understatement Of The Year

It seems as though the press got their hands on the final code of God of War III last week. The Internet is consumed by God of War III news and the hype meter is officially through the roof.

One Icelandic site, Game Tíví, mentioned on Facebook that “epic is understatement of the year” for the first fifteen minutes of the game.

Epic = Understatement

GameTíví writes: “We were just playing the first 15 minutes of God of War III… WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! … Epic is understatement of the year!”

There’s still another two and a half weeks left until the game is released but we’ve noticed the same site, in collaboration with Next Gen News, is also giving away early copies of the game. Might be worth a look!

Sources: Game Tíví, Next Gen News

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