GameStop Added To Yowza Mobile Coupons

Don’t really care for deals on photo frames and sporting goods? Yowza, the mobile coupon application available for the iPhone OS (and as part of Where for other mobile OSes), has added GameStop to their list of stores giving exclusive deals.

Currently, you can get 75% off Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles, and get two Xbox games with the purchase of two Xbox games, but most notable is the $20 off coupon for Assassin’s Creed II. GameStop employees can just scan the digital coupon to knock off $20 off of one of the bigger recent hits.

Hey, now I have a reason to redownload Yowza. Depending on where you live, the app either offered great deals or nothing interesting.

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  • It’s too bad Yowza isn’t available in Canada yet. When they first released it I thought it was a fantastic idea, but only limited to the US.

  • I don’t think I can get it for my Palm Pixi…