It’s Live! (PSN)

Great news for all you Sony PlayStation 3 gamers out there, the Sony PlayStation Network is back up and running! In what seemed like a huge leap day glitch, after the 24 hours have passed the PlayStation Network seems to be up and running without any issues. Go ahead and jump back online and get your gaming on. If you do have any issues though, let us know, leave a comment here. In fact, why don’t you leave a comment here about how you felt Sony handled the issue, what you think they did right and what you think they could have done better.

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  • Chakan

    Sony didn’t DO anything. They got lucky that the firmware auto corrected after a certain time GMT.

    Not addressing the problem at all last night wasn’t very helpful, either

  • I think that by NOT doing anything, they did exactly what they should have. They let the problem fix itself without getting in there and screwing everything up for a much longer period of time. Now they can just work behind the scenes to keep this from happening again. Well done Sony, I think they did a great job at handling the problem. It sucks most people will not see it quite that way.

  • Seems they got it back up and running by itself with almost no damage to anyone. I know I’m happy. 🙂 I think they could have gone public much quicker though, or sent an email to everyone subscribed to PSN… There were a lot of people that had no idea what was going on till like an hour ago.

  • SickPigeon

    They did get lucky it fixed itself. They did address the problem. They didn’t need to buy commercials like Toyota to earn the trust of PS3 players. I saw that The Playstation Network assured people on Twitter that they would resolve the issue. My guess is that if it didn’t resolve the problem within 24hrs they would be on top of the situation and people would have seen Sony adress the problem in larger media sources. I’m glad it’s fixed. I think they handled issue well.

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  • Markova Arsenic

    Thank god for the downtime, just re-discovered a joy of going for a walk and getting together with friends.