Win Free DLC For Mass Effect 2

Platform Nation was lucky enough to get several codes for Mass Effect 2’s Terminus Assault Armor and the M-490 Blackstorm Projector and we want to give it to you guys!

It’s really simple to win it, and you have two different ways and doing both will give you two entries. The first way to enter is just comment on this post, just tell us why you want to win it. The second way is to RT the quote below, just click the link and it will write it all for you, all you have to do is click it and then click update.

RT @Platform_Nation is giving away several codes for Mass Effect 2’s Terminus Gear & M-490 Projector, RT to enter

Good luck everyone! All entries must be received no later then Monday, March 1 by midnight (Pacific Time). You must also be a follower of the Platform_Nation twitter account to be eligible. Special thanks to @ThePaintedCow for hooking us up with some codes!

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  • totoguy

    Why? Look at it! 🙂

    RTed, @totoguy

  • super_rad83

    i want to win it because mass effect 2 is my favorite game!

  • Jim De Guzman

    i really want to get this code because i’m really enjoying this game so far and i wanted to get this dlc for me to enjoy it even more. 😀

  • eugaet

    I’d like to win one of the codes because I missed out on the promotion initially. And I would love to try out the Blackstorm Projector, looks like it could be a fun weapon.

  • polo14player

    I would like to win please because I love platform nation and mass effect 2!!!!!!

  • Windisch

    I want to win because it will help save humanity!

  • madgamer

    I really want to get a code because i’m in LOVE with this game and i wanted to get this dlc for me to LOVE it even more.

  • DarthMazda

    Because I am about to start ME2 and that looks awesome!

  • OregonSlacker

    Awesome, need more weapons and armor, everyone in mass effect space must die!

  • haukke

    i need it because i am replaying mass effect and when i get to number 2 later today i would like to use it and never got it when i got my copy of ME2

  • incphi

    I want to win the ME2 DLC because it’s badass.

  • PlayingMantis

    I want this because I don’t do pre-orders! The only game I have ever preordered was Crazy Taxi on Dreamcast.

  • Daniel Manning

    Well, I want it, simply because I think that’s some slick armor, and you can’t really get it in game at this point.

  • Hawaiian Shark

    Totally would want to win this because of how awesome the armor looks alongside with the gun!

  • Kenny

    I’m Commander Shepard, and Platform Nation is my favorite website.

  • Marcin

    yay cool

  • Shadowman3232

    I want to get it because I don’t already have it and no one else commented on here.

  • Masseffect2

    I never got any of the dlc it would put a smile on my face if I could have a code thank you