Blur Beta Giveaway

That’s right Platform Nation fans you can get your Beta code right here for the upcoming Blur.  All you have to do is leave us a comment letting us know that you want to be hooked up with a Blur Beta code from your favorite gaming site Platform Nation.  The Beta doesn’t officially start until March 8th, so in the mean time after you receive your code go to Blur’s website enter the code we send you and when the Beta starts the person who entered the code will receive an email with the Xbox 360 code that will let you in the Beta.

Don’t forget we are not the only ones giving these away on the site as all of the superb podcasts will also be giving away codes and don’t forget to follow Platform Nation’s Twitter and Facebook for additional chances to score your code.

Here’s a little bit about Blur:

Blur is the ultimate Powered-up racing experience, dropping you into electrified action with a mass of cars targeting the finish line and battling each other as they trade paint. Travel the globe from L.A. and San Francisco to Spain, the UK and more to take on the best the streets have to offer. Utilize an arsenal of Power-ups like nitro speed boosts, shock attacks, defensive shields, and landmines to beat your rivals across the finish line. You choose how and when to use your armory of Power-ups for ultimate impact in a race where the outcome is never certain. Blur’s story unfolds through a unique community-based social network interface that includes 4 player split-screen multiplayer and online multiplayer.

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  • Blur beta code. please gimme it.

    love yooooooou

  • Mark

    Can I get a Blur beta code please? 🙂

  • Nick

    I would love one! 😀

  • Darvan

    I want to be hooked up with a Blur code from my favorite gaming site Platform Nation!!!

  • reno7rox

    Blur code would be much appretiated. Thanks guys 🙂

  • well blur looks interesting ill have a go at it one day soon….go beta!! 🙂

  • sKuLLmAn xXx

    me 2 platform nation! gimme one puhliz:D !

  • Ponza

    Ah, you know, Platform Nation, we go back a bit with the old Killzone 2 nights and stuff. Blur is my kind of game, eh? And I’m retweeting this asap.

  • Treycup

    Please please let me have one!

  • Paul Hudson

    I would very much like one.

  • I’ll take one!

  • apocalypsebob

    I would appreciate a blur code as well, Thanks in advance if I do receive one

  • Yes please 🙂

  • CaptainMurdo

    Oooh, me please!

  • James Martin

    Pick me! Pick me! I’m ever so smart!

    Classic Simpsons quotes FTW!

  • Rushio

    I’d love to partake in this, looking forward to it with gusto.

  • Myxofish

    Oh, I’ve been waiting for Blur.

    I’d like a beta code too! :3

  • I’d like a beta code. Blur just popped up on my radar a few days ago.

  • yukon-cornelius

    I’d love a code … been looking forward to Blur for many months!

  • tanujdua

    Do you think you could hook me up with one please?:)

  • AgtBAUER

    B E T A C O D E O V A H E A R P L E A S E ! !

  • I would love a beta code!

  • console_gamer

    meeeee please

  • WOO HOO Go P*N for all these great giveaways 🙂

  • i would love a beta code if you guys have any left….thanks so much…