Infinity Ward To Have “Bad Company” For Dinner

Today marks the release of Dice Studios new war title Battlefield Bad Company 2. Since November of 2009 everyone’s sole online title has been Modern Warfare 2, but I feel that Bad Company 2 may just knock MW2 off the podium (kinda similar to the Canada vs USA gold medal Olympic game).

With the fresh game play and immersing control, Bad Company 2 is looking to be the Sidney Crosby to Infinity Ward’s Ryan Miller. In a gaming world topped with MW2, not to many people (or products) can challenge their kingdom. The Bad Company 2 demo was up and running for a few months and was one of the biggest online demos ever, giving reason to believe that MW2 and it’s crown are up for re-negotiation. Besides the dynamic online multi-player (soaked with a large number of upgrades, level-ups and unlockables) there is a robust single-player which if continued from the first Bad Company will be epic and witty.

A video posted on YouTube shows a snippet from the single-player in which BadCo2 Calls out Infinity Ward. Let the war commence!

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