MLG Drops Gears Of War 2

Today Major League Gaming is rumored to impose its action that will discontinue Gears of War 2 from it’s circuit and competitive play. This coming as no surprise to those Pro players because frankly, GoW2 has been out for a while and it’s getting to be old news. Apparently there is a force in the universe that can stop the Cole Train.

“Sorry about the bad news Gears players. It was good times. Best of luck to all of you.” MLG pro Killa_KC posted on twitter today.

This recent news has only fueled more to the inevitable release of Gears of War 3, which Cliffy B himself has eluded to announcing at this year’s E3 conference in California. Also attached to this juicy bit of speculation is that Modern Warfare 2 will be taking the place of Gears on the MLG Circuit. With this year’s season opener in Orlando coming up, I guess it’s just a matter of time before we see the truth to this terrible idea.

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  • Wyatt Fossett (Sheriff Earp)


    Every MLG GoW player recieved this email.

    “First, I would like to thank all of you for being patient as we went through out 2010 season planning. As for the news you’ve all been waiting for, I am very disappointed to say that Gears of War 2 will not return on the MLG Pro Circuit for another season. This was a very difficult decision to make for the league since the Gears franchise has been with the MLG for so long. There has been a constant state of discussion within the company over the past few months on this topic. Gears of War had many high points in its tenure with the league, however we faced obstacles that we ultimately were not able to overcome. A number of factors played into this decision including audience numbers, the gameplay itself, and our developer relationship with Epic. I know that many of you are disappointed to hear this but I hope you understand the reasoning. The decision took a long time because it was indeed difficult and was made and finalized just yesterday.

    I think it was really awesome how the community and certain pros rallied around the game. You guys are all great competitors and great partners to have. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with each of you over the past year(s). I would like to thank all of you for competing with MLG and hope that you can continue competing with us in some other way. I’ve developed good relationships with many of you guys and know how much you guys care about competitive gaming.

    MLG is growing and spreading the focus around to other genres, but at the same time getting more efficient within each genre. Stay tuned for additional league announcements pertaining to this season set to be announced today. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about any of this. My door is always open for you guys. Again, thank you all for your understanding.”

    Thanks to Ill (Cool Runnings) for the update!

  • cody hanson

    i’m disoppointed that GoW isn’t going to return. Gears of war has always been a great game and is a turn from all the 1st person shooters, i think it is a great mix up from halo and CoD but that is just my opinion.