Nyko Pays Homage to Voltron (sorta)

OK, so Nyko isn’t REALLY paying homage to those lions of yesteryear, but Nyko has decided that Nintendo isn’t moving fast enough with the available colors of Wii remotes and they are releasing their Wii Wand in their own exclusive colors. To make things even more interesting, these new colors are store exclusive. Here’s a list of the colors and where they can be found

Orange & Green: Gamestop

Yellow: (not sure if these will be available in store)

Red: Fry’s: This store chain is a little more spread along California and other random states

Graphite/Gray: Meijer Supercenters This store chain is available in 5 states in the Midwest

All color Wands feature Nyko’s Trans-Port™ technology, enabling compatible peripherals to communicate digitally with the Wand.

Originally Japanese exclusives, the wands are available now and are selling for $29.99 each. After going through the gallery of pictures, I have my sights set on the graphite wand. What about you? which wand will you get?

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