Where’s My Trophy Data

The PlayStation Network is back up and running as we all know, but we still may have some troubling questions like; where did my Trophy data go once everything was restored, or do I need a firmware update? These are some of the questions being asked on the PlayStation Blog website and they give you the answers to your troubling questions such as:

Q. Do I have to download a firmware update?

A. Nope. The problem should just fix itself automatically, whether you’re online or not.

Q. My Trophy data for [insert game here] is gone! (I know, I know — that’s not a question, but still!)

A. If you lost any Trophy data over the past 24 hours, there may be a way to salvage it. Launch the game for which you’re trying to restore Trophies and it should automatically recreate a Trophy data set on your PS3’s memory, which you can then sync with the PSN server (just by opening up your Trophy list in the XMB). Our Heavy Rain Trophies had vanished, but this trick brought them back from the ether.

All these are good questions and no question is a stupid question over at the PlayStation Blog.  If you have any concerns about your beloved system go check out their site as it provides a lot of answers to a lot of questions.

So what are you waiting for? Go fire up your PS3 as this is behind us and enjoy your favorite games on your favorite console.

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