American McGee Making Little Red Riding Hood Awesome

American McGee is probably best known for his somewhat egotistically named American McGee’s Alice, but it was a totally kick-ass game, so who am I to complain? If you are unaware, Alice was a game designed by McGee and released for PC back in late 2000 and features a completely twisted tale of Alice (from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland) trying to restore order to Wonderland. Know that when I say “twisted,” it would be far more accurate to say “totally 100% f-ed up out the yin yang.” Alice’s family died in a fire that consumed her house, resulting in her attempting to commit suicide due to survivor’s guilt and ending up in a mental health facility before the White Rabbit comes to drag her back to a severely altered Wonderland.

If that description alone doesn’t tell you that American McGee has an awesomely twisted mind, then you should see the cover art for Alice. In fact, take a look at the recently released concept art from his indie game studio Spicy Horse for their upcoming game about Little Red Riding Hood. Tied to any other name and you might assume this would be a game for the kiddies, but the title alone should tell you otherwise: Red. Minimalist and terrifying, just like Alice.

If you can’t tell, I loved Alice and would still recommend you playing it if it somehow skipped you by back in the day. The Grimm series and Scrapland were good enough and featured the same sort of dark humor and excellent character design that Alice had, but they just simply lacked the same spark. American McGee has a good enough track record (Bad Day L.A. you say? Never heard of it) that I’m more than willing to walk to GDC next week just to get more Red information out of the man. The game currently has no publisher and is only in pre-production.

Source from GameSetWatch.

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